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1. How much does each of the services cost?



We have service packages to suit multiple price points. Please contact us for specific information.



2. When should I sign up for planning and/or consulting?


We accept students from Grade 8 through Grade 12.



3. What services do planning and consulting include?


Planning and consulting include comprehensive mentoring and coaching in academics, extracurriculars, and career planning. In grades 8 to 11, students work closely with coaches and mentors to discover and pursue interests, create and execute individualized study plans, and research possible future careers. In grades 11 and 12, students focus on the university application process, which includes obtaining teacher recommendations, communicating with the school counselor, filling out the application form, writing the personal statement and application essays, and submitting test scores.



4. What should I do if my child doesn’t know what his/her passion is?


Our team of veteran career mentors can help your child assess his/her interests and career paths. With individualized planning, we ensure that all students maximize their full potential.



5. How do I get more information?


Book a free 30-minute informational interview with us here!  



6. What’s your competitive advantage?

We offer many unique strengths to help students achieve the greatest success:

  • Custom Mentorship Program: We assess student interest and aptitude and match each student with a handpicked mentor who is currently in their field of interest. Mentors offer advice on both college planning as well as long-term career advice.

  • Experienced Teachers: All of our coaches, teachers, and mentors have a proven track record and plentiful years of experience in their fields of expertise.

  • One of a Kind Materials: All our prep program curriculum, course offerings, and consulting materials are developed in-house by degree holding academics and college application experts. Student feedback is a central piece of our program development process, and our proven results are a testament to our success.

  • Research & Development: Our full-time R&D team is constantly assessing and perfecting our services to make sure they are the most effective and up-to-date.

  • Long-term Personal Relationships: The Five Summers team forms a special bond with clients, which is based on mutual trust and respect. While we focus on student development during the critical five summers before college, our relationships with students and their families extend much further beyond the college admissions process. During the consulting process, we develop strong personal relationships with each and every student, even well after students matriculate at university.



7. How involved are parents in the planning/consulting process?


Parents are an essential piece of the planning and consulting process, as they can offer unique insights into their child’s character. While we welcome any insight that can help a student achieve success, parent involvement varies on a case-by-case basis. We love involving parents to the extent that students are comfortable and the involvement is productive.



8. I just need help with my college application essay -- can you help with that?


A successful college essay is based on a comprehensive understanding of the student as a whole person. Thus, our application support services are offered as complete packages to help students get the most from the application process.



9. Do you help students with transfer applications?


Yes! We have successful transfer cases each year. The transfer application process is markedly different from the freshman college admissions process, and we have a special program devoted specifically for transfer applicants.



10. Do you offer interview preparation?


Yes! Once you have submitted your applications, you may receive opportunities to interview with school representatives. These interviews can make a huge difference in your final admissions decision, so preparation is essential. Our interview experts offer rigorous coaching to prepare you to successfully navigate the treacherous interview process and give a stellar interview that is sure to impress.



11. Is there any special meaning about your company name “Five Summers”?


Our name refers to the formative secondary school years, punctuated by five summers. This intense period of study and development is often fraught with anxiety, but summers are a time of independence, reflection, and self-discovery. Our vision is to help students get the most out of their high school years to achieve their greatest success in college and beyond.



12. Do you provide application assistance for athletes?


Yes! Athletes have unique options in the application process, and we have helped many athletes get into the top schools of their choice.

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