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Why Choose Five Summers?

Individual Development

Personalized Service

Professional Advisors

  • American college style classes

  • Foster positive learning attitude

  • Cultivate students' talents

  • Build time management skills and efficient study habits

  • Customized study plan

  • Long & short term target roadmap

  • Strategic school selection

  • Extracurricular activities and summer planning advice

  • Graduates of top US universities 

  • Paired with students on compatibility

  • Regular meetings & follow-ups

  • Comprehensive guidance throughout application process

The Five Summers Prep Program features taught enrichment courses and guidance from our team of instructors and advisors to bring out the best in our students and transform them into star university applicants.

​The Five Summers Prep program is an exploration of Western history and culture that provides a rich and interdisciplinary education that focuses on the study of literature, philosophy, history, policy and current events in order to help students develop critical thinking skills, excel at high school, and prepare for university applications. 

​The program is comprised of four thematically-linked components that help students learn through different mediums.

Personalized Road Map

  • Course selection, extracurricular activities, and summer planning based on comprehensive evaluation of student's background and personal interests

  • Long and short-term planning, schedule for year-to-year standardized testing

  • Clear goals, plan of strategic implementation, and close follow-up and monitoring of student progress

Language Arts Bootcamp

  • Reading and writing exercises based on seminal texts of Western culture and thought

  • Stimulating lectures on English literature to nurture love of learning

  • Curriculum supporting positive study habits and efficiency

Maximization of Skill and Talent

  • Group discussions to foster critical thinking

  • Time management and leadership training

  • Guidance to become an outstanding candidate for top US universities

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The success of previous Five Summers Prep students:

School Performance

  • Honor Roll

  • GPAs of A

  • Elected to student council positions 


  • Leadership roles in clubs and volunteer organizations

  • Acceptance into prestigious summer program


  • Scholarship awards

  • Essay contest awards


  • An increase in confidence and maturity

  • Better time management skills

  • Advanced stress management

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